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Work Bench Tanks, Work Space You Never Knew You Needed!



Versatility, work space and storage are three key components that make our work bench tanks the correct choice for your shop setup. Featuring extensive UL142 testing and seamless side wall construction, they have proven to be tough and durable for all Turn Key environments within in the last 25 years. Setups include reel plate configuration, motor mounting options, easy pump access, venting and secondary containment monitoring. A standard 2″ riser lip around the exterior wall of the tank makes fluid containment easy and manageable within tight areas. Multiple options available, you can customize our tank to fit your needs easily with our in house CAD.

Drawing 250SW Atlantic Containment

For more information about our bench top tanks, visit our bench tank page in our product section.


Heating Oil Tank Safety

Heating oil season is here and we want to be sure you are prepared for the cold months ahead. Heating oil, commonly known as Fuel Oil No. 2, is used to heat 7.7 million American homes each year, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. It’s extremely reliable, maintainable and widely available. When installing or using heating oil, our 275 Gallon UL80 certified tanks are a must for any home or business. Their aboveground steel construction allows them to be versatile for any type of installation, whether it be in a home basement or outside. Staying safe and understanding your tank system is essential in maintaining a long life span for your tank.

oil tank diagramAnnual Checklist

  • Inspect your tank monthly for leaks. Look at all sections of the tank including the vent pipe, fill, supply and return lines for signs of corrosion or wet surfaces.
  • Vent pipe is crucial for relief of the tank. Be sure no obstruction exists in the pipe. A small whistle or air leak noise is an indicator the pipe is working correctly. Vent whistles are installed on the entry of the tank to aid in this check.
  • Fill pipe should be closed and locked, so small critters or foreign debris cannot enter the tank.
  • Tank valve and Fuel line at bottom of the tank shows no signs of leakage or corroded parts. Be sure line is not bent or twisted.
  • Tank is stable and supported, with a 1/4″ tilt forward towards fuel line. This will ensure tank does not fall over and will feed fuel efficiently.
  • Add treatment to your fuel to help moisture control and to give additional additives for fuel stability over the summer months.
  • Change your heating burner filter once a year, for optimal furnace efficiency.
  • If you find signs of corrosion, wet surfaces or have a leak, contact your nearest Oil tank distributor or HVAC service immediately. A leaky tank can be costly in cleanup charges and repairs.





UL142 Obround Tanks “Most Versatile Tank On the Market”

All Atlantic Containment Residential Obround Tanks are fabricated for either inside or outside use in the storage of various approved fuels and fluids, and can be manufactured for installation in either the “Vertical” or “Horizontal” positions. Each tank features a universal 12″ centered apart design, easy for replacement, with our NPT flange openings to ensure a perfect installation. All of our tanks are made in accordance with the specifications of Underwriters Laboratories® Standard UL80 or UL142. Each tank is manufactured with 12 gauge American sourced steel and coated standard with red oxide primer, unless specified (enamel options are available). One year manufacturer limited warranty is included.

Click HERE for more information regarding our selection of residential obround tanks.

Eco-Friendly Products That Work For You

Caring about our environment is a huge part of the job at Atlantic Containment and our products share the same responsibility when they are delivered to you. With the large usage of chemicals and products needing to be stored and transferred, our tanks deliver environmental protection of their own for any situation. From our rigorous testing ensuring a leak-proof seal, to our eco-friendly enamel coatings, each tank is carefully inspected to help make our future brighter for continued generations.


Quality American Manufactured Tanks, driven by the American Workforce

Atlantic Containment tanks are one of the most sought after tanks for your residential or commercial needs in the industry and we are committed to producing a top quality tank, lead by an American workforce utilizing American products. Our company goal is to supply you with a product that exceeds our tough specifications so you have the right storage containment solution for your business the first time.

Working under license with UL (Underwriters Laboratory) and business partners, our tanks are derived from the safest practices with current industry standards, manufactured under rigorous testing and utilizing US supplied Steel. With our Above Ground UL Storage Tanks offered up to 3,000 Gallons to TurnKey Industry ready Bench and Lube styles.

Immeasurable Quality, Engineered Proven Designs

Atlantic Containment fabricates and manufactures a wide arrange of quality, industry driven tanks that meet or exceed our customers expectations. Ensuring the safest and most environmental friendly designs, all of our products are backed by our 25+ years experience.

ENGINEERED LONGETIVY – 100% US Steel and Welding, tested above UL regulations per classification.

ENVIROMENTALLY SAFE – Rugged coatings applied inside and out, ensuring a leak-proof storage.

COMPUTER TESTED DESIGNS – Industry CAD produced specifications for precise manufacturing, fitment and use. Custom tank designs are available.

EASE OF USE GUARANTEE– All our products leave with a final QC check, labeled and are ready to be installed on site. Filling accessories per applications are available.