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Atlantic Containment’s single wall and double wall Bench Top tanks were the first in the industry to have a 2″ extension lip on the exterior wall. This design helps fluid containment and cleanup per the tanks work station, creating a perfect “Turnkey” solution. Each tank is built to accommodate a hose reel, pump, leak gauge, and fill accessories. Maximum space usage for garage applications and storage. With a test proven design and ease of use, our tanks have been rated #1 in customer satisfaction for over 25 years and going.


  • 8″ x 12″ universal reel plate
  • Flat top design with 2″ extension lip for overspill protection and turnkey work area
  • Unique shell design eliminates as many weld seams as possible for max leak protection
  • Working surface is load tested for multiple application uses
  • *NEW Secondary E-Box Emergency Vent Designs for IC, minimizing overall size and weight
  • 4″ high supports for ease of cleaning and inspection
  • Air pressure tested to ensure a 100% leak-proof tank
  • Phosphate coated steel to maximize tank life, eliminate corrosion
  • Pre-oiled internally before shipping to prevent interior rust
  • *NEW 1/2″ NPT outer bung w/ monitoring sight glass for easy leak detection
  • Finished red oxide primer exterior coating
  • Optional paint enamel and urethane colors available
  • Optional 110% DW secondary containment designs available
  • Optional openings, drains and reel plate designs available upon request


  • Class III Combustible Fuels (#4 / #6)
  • Motor Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • RM Oil
  • RFO / HFO Oil


  • UL142 & UL142A (MH15058) certified w/ serial label
  • ANSI/NPA 1, 30, 30A, 31, 37 compliant
  • Meets all requirements of IFC (International Fire Code)
  • See product literature for more information


Tank Part # Capacity SW / DW Weight Length Width Height Tank Drawing
AC180SW 180 GAL. SW 290 lbs 60″ 22″ 38″ AC180SW
AC250SW 250 GAL. SW 345 lbs 60′ 30″ 38″ AC250SW
AC300SW 300 GAL. SW 390 lbs 60″ 36″ 38″ AC300SW
AC350SW 350 GAL. SW 470 lbs 60″ 42″ 38″ AC350SW
AC500SW 500 GAL. SW 600 lbs 72″ 54″ 38″ AC500SW
AC180DW 180 GAL. DW 595 lbs 72″ 26″ 38″ AC180DW
AC250DW 250 GAL. DW 680 lbs 72″ 34″ 38″ AC250DW
AC300DW 300 GAL. DW 925 lbs 72″ 40″ 38″ AC300DW
AC350DW 350 GAL. DW 955 lbs 72″ 46″ 38″ AC350DW
AC500DW 500 GAL. DW 1135 lbs 84″ 54″ 38″ AC500DW



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